Time Management

Time Management is an issue that most people battle with, day in day out.

“I know what I am doing and what I am going to do” If we truly feel that way, then we are on the right path.  But most people are not aware of “What they are going to do”. They become frustrated with a day that is unproductive.  Unfortunately, time cannot be managed, time is uncontrollable. The best we can do is to manage ourselves and use our time.

Time stealing factors

Some of the factors that steal our time

  • Lack of priorities
  • Distractions (phone, email…)
  • Attempting too much
  • The inability to say “NO”
  • Lack of delegation

In order to manage ourselves and use our time effectively, we have to analyze our day to day activities and understand the factors that waste our time. Using our time effectively reduces our stress level and increases the time that can be spent with our family.

Below figure illustrates how we spend our time

If we use our time effectively then we can spend our day as we wish.

How to use our time?

Some of the factors which helps us to use our time effectively

  • Plan each day
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Say no to non essential tasks
  • Limit distractions
  • Delegate

Learn to delegate. If something can be done by 80%, as well as by someone else, delegate!

Apart from these, lives a healthy life. Healthy life improves concentration, which improves efficiency so that we can complete our work in less time.

Virtual Assistant

There are many Virtual Assistants available in the market, to which work can be delegated and can get the work finished on time. Aspirant Virtual Solutions help you to finish jobs accurately and on time.  We provide assistance to jobs that varies from normal to technical needs.

Below are the services that Aspirant VA provides

  • Technical VA – Jobs/Projects that are based on PHP and Java
  • Server Maintenance
  • Call Answering/Transfer
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Document Editing
  • Data Analysis/Entry
  • Managing online posting