A twenty five hour day isn’t coming any time soon. As long as your feet stay planted on the ground here, twenty four is all you’re going to get. However, with a bit of skill you can squeeze out a couple more hours to add to your day.

Here are some of the tips which help you to reduce time wasters and to utilize your time effectively.

  • Remove Big Chunks – Get hold of the big chunks that are not being put to good use (say Television, Internet, E-mail, Games…)
  • Reclaim Gap Time – Gap times are those between meaningful activities but aren’t normally long enough to get more done. Use those gap times to
    • Read books
    • Listen to audios
    • Solve some problems
    • Think about creative ideas
  • Focus – Focus on things that are really important and ignore unimportant things.
  • Say “No” – Say no to things that are not really important.
  • Consolidate – There are many things scattered throughout your day that you might be able to consolidate in order to save time.
  • Declutter your schedule – If you have a heavily packed schedule, find out the stuff that’s not so essential and cancel them or postpone them.
  • Keep your list to 3 – While preparing to-do list, keep it to 3. By keeping your task list small, but populated only by important tasks, you ensure that you are getting the important stuff done but not overloading yourself.
  • Do your Biggest Rock first – Of the three Most Important Tasks you choose for the day, pick the biggest one, or the one you’re dreading most, and do that first. Otherwise you’ll put that off as much as possible and fill your day with less important things.
  • Delegate/Outsource – Delegating allows you to focus on the core tasks and projects you should be focusing on, the things that you are best at, the things that you love doing, and saves you a lot of time.